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without a home


Without a home but with a friend

These touching pictures reflect the love and affection between homeless people and their animals. Author of the project – Norah Levine, a 34-year-old photographer from Austin, Texas. She has been photographing animals and works closely with the nursery. Under this project, Nora worked with the program 4PAWS, which stands for “For homeless people and animals” – they provide services free vaccination and veterinary care to pets of homeless residents of Texas.

“During meeting with the homeless, we told them about the program, but also gave food for dogs and cats” – said Nora. The photographer wanted to capture the relationship between man and his pet, show that this relationship is universal – it is not based on finances or the availability of the home.

The author says that the overwhelming majority of the animals, which she shot in the project, treated with love and respect. “I would have abandoned the project, if I saw something else,” – said Nora.

“In the course of the project, I realized that the world is not just black or white. Every human being – their own unique situation, in which it is necessary to grasp, before condemning “- shares his experience Levine.

(Total 20 photos)

Man with cat

Photos: Norah Levine Photography / , 

Remarkable photographs for article – Without a home but with a friend


Dennis and Chaser

1. Dennis and Chaser.


Daniel and Isis (Man with his dog)

2. Daniel and Isis.


Courtney and Calvin with their dogs Odie and Tusoksom

3. Courtney and Calvin with their dogs Odie and Tusoksom.


Jed and Alice (Man and dog)

4. Jed and Alice.


Jeremy Jinks (Man and cat)

5. Jeremy Jinks.


Jessica and Joshua with their cats and dogs

6. Jessica and Joshua with their cats and dogs.



7. Jinks.


8. Kevin and Sadie Ann.


9. Connor and Super Max.


Christine to Fat-Mike

10. Christine to Fat-Mike.


Touching photos capture the bond between homeless people and their loyal pets, America, June 2014

11. Maggie and Eric with their dogs.


Lynn and Charlie

12. Lynn and Charlie.


Chuck and Baby-Girl

13. Chuck and Baby-Girl.


Dog Mimi

14. Mimi.


Bradley and Dorothy

15. Bradley and Dorothy.


Bobby and Bobblehead

16. Bobby and Bobblehead.


Sam and Mimi

17. Sam and friend Mimi.


Sandra and Harley

18. Sandra and Harley.


Rose and Junior

19. Rose and Junior.


Pops and Uensdey

20. Pops and Uensdey.

They don’t have home but they have real friends!

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