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3d tv buying guide


 Should I buy a 3d tv by LGEPR, on Flickr

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3d tv buying guide

Very often we are thinking about 3d tv buying guide, this is a good question. Now we have various of TV sizes, types of matrix, built features etc … You should know that many companies are producing TVs only with 3D support and you may not have a choice to buy TV with or without support of 3D technology. But if you want to buy a 3D TV please note that in ideal during watching 3D content with the effect will be more deeper when your TV screen will cover more space for your eyes. Therefore, the larger size of TV is better for you.

Of course the size of TV depends on the TV price and size of your room but recommended to buy 3D TV bigger than 46 inch. Also please check whether TV has a LED lighting for matrix, it will save your money for electricity in the future. The minimum recommended resolution for 3D TV must be Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels).

To watch 3D video you need appropriate glasses, recall that in the current 3D TVs can be used one of two 3D technologies: the active (shutter glasses) or passive (polarized glasses). Each of these options has its pros and cons. First of all, active glasses powered by batteries and have the integrated electronic components. Thus, they have more weight and price than passive model that simply have two polarizing glasses. Also the active glasses constantly blinking and eyes get tired very quickly and also you can have a headaches. The passive glasses do not have such problems and their price is less but they have a lower video quality.

3d tv buying guide – Looking at fast-growing market you should buy such kind of TV but before that you must check what features you want and what model of the TV is the best purchase.