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Happy life of pigs in the Bahamas


On one island in the composition of the Bahamas lives … family of pigs, and each year many of people come here just to see these pigs. Pigs run on the beach, sunbathe and swim in the warm ocean water, often resting far from the shore for a good 90 meters to welcome tourists on yachts. The question is, how the pigs got here, is still opened.

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Happy life of cheerful pigs in the Bahamas



Photos: Marie-Luce Hubert and Jean-Louis Klein


1. From where the pigs came to the island – nobody knows.  According to the one version, the sailors landed these animals on this island, intending to come back later for them to eat. Apparently sailors have not returned.


2.  According to another legend, the pigs survived shipwreck, but could swim to shore and has since are living on the island.


3. In any case, now they are here and feel very good.


 4. Everything that they need to worry – this is where, how and what will be for lunch next time. But they are thought of everything – past the island regularly hosts yachts with tourists who are willing to dump them food.


5. As this strange and beautiful collection of photos shows, pigs are well adapted to life on the beach.


6. These pictures made photographers Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Lucie Huber, who arrived in this tropical paradise from France.


7. Pigs are not afraid of people and with great pleasure are swimming nearby.


8. Finally pigs became a wonderful magnet for tourists.


9. The island has also been called the island for pigs, as expected.


10. Each year, hundreds of tourists comes here just to look at these wonderful little animals.


11. Admittedly, the pigs to be envied: warm water, hot sun, nice sand and gratuitous food. Who does not dream of such a life?


12. Aren’t they lovely?


13. Would you swim with them?


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