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without a home

Man with cat

Without a home but with a friend These touching pictures reflect the love and affection between homeless people and their animals. Author of the project – Norah Levine, a 34-year-old photographer from Austin, Texas. She has been photographing animals and works closely with the nursery. Under this project, Nora worked with the program 4PAWS, which […]

“Game of Thrones” by cats

Game of Thrones by cats

The five season of “Game of Thrones” is filming right now. Meantime, we want to see next serials as soon as possible, but we can take a break and have some fun, looking on the loved characters and cats which are very similar to their personages. You probably thought that Arya of “Game of Thrones” […]

Hilarious dogs shocked by what is happening

Hilarious dogs shocked by what is happening

“Boss, I’m in shock!” – This is what is written on the face of these funny dogs. They are shocked by other dogs, cats, owned by the owners or what happens to them. In any case, they have, as they say “all written on his face”. Surprise, surprise, confusion and good old shock. Look and […]

20 funny dogs with their toys in mouth

20 funny dogs with their toys

Pet toys were created in order to make your pet happy, but there are toys for dogs that will not only delight your pet, but also cheer its owner. When the dog is holding a toy in its mouth in the form of a smiling teeth, it looks funny and ridiculous, and this only gets funnier. […]

“Piercing the nose of a lion” or “not to attack a porcupine...

Piercing for the lion from porcupine

Young lions were walking in the South African Kalahari desert, where met a porcupine on the trail . “We are hungry …” – thought lions, as porcupines can not run fast. During attacks on the porcupine, the bravest of the lions didn’t even know that gets a session of piercing. Needle entered into the lion’s nostril, […]

Happy life of pigs in the Bahamas

Happy life of cheerful pigs in the Bahamas

On one island in the composition of the Bahamas lives … family of pigs, and each year many of people come here just to see these pigs. Pigs run on the beach, sunbathe and swim in the warm ocean water, often resting far from the shore for a good 90 meters to welcome tourists on yachts. The question is, how the […]