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The most delicious scrambled eggs in the world

The most delicious scrambled eggs in the world

Eggs are one of the main components of the diet of people since ancient times. Nutritious and healthy, they can compete with meat in the number of essential amino acids. People ate eggs since ancient times. But even when people didn’t have a fire, they loved to eat eggs. Over time, the kitchen has become more […]

“Piercing the nose of a lion” or “not to attack a porcupine...

Piercing for the lion from porcupine

Young lions were walking in the South African Kalahari desert, where met a porcupine on the trail . “We are hungry …” – thought lions, as porcupines can not run fast. During attacks on the porcupine, the bravest of the lions didn’t even know that gets a session of piercing. Needle entered into the lion’s nostril, […]

14 great geological formations on the Earth

14 phenomenal geological formations of the Earth

Earth’s natural diversity is fascinating and impressive. Our planet passed the stormy period of many geological transformations, some of which are still going on here. Travel enthusiasts opens a millions of opportunities and trends to see unique formation. Below are some of amazing geological formations on the Earth. (Total 14 photos)   1. Egypt. White Desert. (BeeFortyTwo) […]

20 most expensive hotels in the world

20 most expensive hotels in the world

Website conducted a survey that showed which hotels are the most expensive. As it turned out, expensive hotels are located around the world, and not focused somewhere in one place. The most expensive hotels in the world are located in Sardinia, the Maldives and the Caribbean. It is important to note that the results […]

Happy life of pigs in the Bahamas

Happy life of cheerful pigs in the Bahamas

On one island in the composition of the Bahamas lives … family of pigs, and each year many of people come here just to see these pigs. Pigs run on the beach, sunbathe and swim in the warm ocean water, often resting far from the shore for a good 90 meters to welcome tourists on yachts. The question is, how the […]