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14 great geological formations on the Earth


Earth’s natural diversity is fascinating and impressive. Our planet passed the stormy period of many geological transformations, some of which are still going on here. Travel enthusiasts opens a millions of opportunities and trends to see unique formation. Below are some of amazing geological formations on the Earth.

(Total 14 photos)


1. Egypt. White Desert. (BeeFortyTwo)


2. New Zealand. Moeraki Boulders. (Chilly Chill)


3. Northern Ireland. Giant’s Causeway. (Jonathan Tweed)


4. China. Reed Flute Cave. (rpoll)


5. USA. Arizona. Rock formation “Wave”. (Michael Wilson)


6. USA. Yellowstone National Park. Grand Prismatic Spring. (Sam Beebe)


7. Bolivia. Salar de Uyuni. (kris krüg)


8. Turkmenistan. Gas Crater Derweze “The door to hell”. (Martha de Jong-Lantink)


9. USA. Wyoming. “Devils Tower”. (Space][rucker)


10. Mauritania. Richat geological formations. (Stuart Rankin)


11. Turkey. Cappadocia. (Frank Kovalchek)


12. Mexico. Crystal Cave. (Alexander Van Driessche)


13. Madagascar. Reserve Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. (Ralph Kränzlein)


14. Belize Barrier Reef. Great Blue Hole. (Eric Pheterson)